Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in 2016


According to LinkedIn, the top skills employers may wish to seek include SEO or search engine optimisation. Although not everyone is part of the IT industry, but having a basic understanding of the trends that can help rank your business high may at times be critical to its success. Following are some trends that are still relevant in 2016.

Content is still the key

One of the most important things to get your website ranked high has always been the content. However, in 2016, having the right amount of content is the key. Searchmetrics’ 2015 Ranking Factors tell that any content in between 1,140-1,890 words will help engage the reader. Long gone are the days of 3,000 words. Nevertheless, as usual, the content should be unique and well presented to keep the interest going. For more on the importance of web design with seo check out this article.

Web Page Optimisation

Backlinko and SimilarWeb did a survey of over 1 million Google search results and this is what they found as top seo tips:

· Higher bounce rates mean the site is just a landing page and will not attract higher page ranks.

· Backlinks are still the key, but if they are generated through different domains, not by spamming websites with comments.

· Focus on a specific thing in your content, rather than telling about ten different things.

· Ensure your website is optimal and has no lags. The way your content loads matters a lot.

Invest in Mobile SEO metrics

Mobile devices are used more than personal computers to navigate and search data If the application or the web page is not mobile friendly, it will attract fewer users. For mobile users, bullet points and images should be part of the overall appeal, and all searches should utilize keywords that are more prominent and higher in Google Adwords and another keyword search provides. Moreover, as top seo tips researched by Searchmetrics’ 2015 Ranking Factors, the average font size of mobile friendly pages is 15.63 in headings and 11.44 in content. Word count should be between 687-900 words, while Ads are usually kept to the minimum to help load times. Here is a company that offers it:

Guest Blogging and Content Marketing

Guest blogging has always helped make backlinks shine, wherever the content is new and full of primary authority. It not only helps make the keywords stay unique, it also helps in marketing content easier. Moreover, the content should be connected with previous knowledge and a good source. New content, which has no long-standing authorities are not as attractive in 2016. Here is a video on how to carry out guest blogging and content marketing:


SEO is an important part of any PR or marketing campaign. If a business needs to be visible, it should invest in optimisation processes for both web and mobile based pages.

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